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Today’s smart homes need smart thinking to make sure every piece of technology and kit works seamlessly and smoothly every time, and all around the home. With full fibre broadband now being rolled out across the UK, whether you are thinking of transferring from the likes of Sky, BT or Virgin, or looking to set up a brand-new connection, Netcom Solutions handle everything for you so that you don’t need to lift a finger, including the transfer of services from your old provider. We work closely with our customers to ensure it doesn’t just work, but it works exactly how you like it. Here’s how the magic happens.

Step 1.

Your dedicated expert will discuss your objectives and assess the connections, service levels and requirements of your property, then develop the best solution that meets your highly individual needs.

Step 2.

With full fibre broadband installations, we’ll oversee the entire project to advise and manage – particularly important where larger properties may have underground ducting, complex systems or other special requirements.

Step 3.

Your single dedicated point of contact is available for continuous troubleshooting and issue resolution, providing ongoing support for as long as you need us.

In short, our aim is to deliver a highly personal and bespoke service, actively resolving any issues on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Say goodbye to call queues, chat bots, and security questions. Experience the ease of a single, local, independent, and reliable service from Netcom Solutions.

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Broadband services

Dedicated Leased Line

Unlike traditional broadband, which works on a shared platform, a dedicated leased line gives you a broadband service all to yourself. That means there are no busy periods or dips in speeds to worry about. It’s extremely consistent & reliable.

Up to 10Gbps

Full Fibre (FTTP)

FTTP stands for fibre-to-the-premise. This means that your internet connection uses ultra-fast fibre cable at all stages of the connection, from the internet exchange to the green network cabinet on your street, and finally to your home.

Up to 1Gbps

Fibre to the cabinet

FTTC stands for fibre-to-the-cabinet. With an FTTC connection, fibre optic cables are used to bring internet to fibre cabinets, then copper cables are used to connect houses to the cabinet. Voice line required with this product.

Up to 80Mbps


SoGEA is a next-generation ‘data only’ solution that promises quicker and easier installation, faster connection speeds, increased reliability and reduced cost. Voice line not required with this product.

Up to 80Mbps

Check your internet speed

Want to see how your existing broadband speed measures up?

Using the SpeedSmart internet speed checker on our website is the best way to check the current speed of your internet connection.

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Could you do better?

Whatever the result of your speed test, we can offer you a free WiFi health check to assess whether any weak spots or dead zones are preventing your broadband from reaching its full potential.

We often receive inquiries from customers of leading providers such as Sky, BT, and Virgin who are facing connectivity issues and seeking a more reliable and personalised service. At Netcom Solutions, we’re delighted to assist these clients by taking over their connection. We streamline the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. From addressing the issues you’re facing to handling the transfer of services from your previous provider, our experienced team manages everything seamlessly, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

Count on us to leverage our expertise and experience in tailoring the perfect solution for your needs. From suggesting the most suitable technologies to adeptly managing issues, our focus is on maximising your technological potential. Ensuring a seamless transition and meeting your connectivity needs with maximum efficiency and reliability is our commitment. No issue is too big or small for our dedicated team, always available to address queries and troubleshoot any concerns.

To see how we can improve both your speed and performance:

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When it comes to world-class customer care for our smart home connectivity users, the sky is the limit. We proudly offer professional-grade solutions for super-fast, robust, and secure connectivity across your home, from the living room to the loft and from basement cinemas to outdoor offices. Our broadband and WiFi services ensure seamless connectivity, whether you’re working, gaming, or browsing. We understand that each household has distinct needs and preferences therefore our bespoke packages are fully flexible to match your unique needs.