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Frequently Asked Questions

About Netcom Solutions

Who do you work with?

Business and private clients who require business quality products and services.

Are there any hidden fees?

No way! Any charges will be advised before going ahead.

How much do you charge?

Most of our services are bespoke to each individual client. Our charges are always transparent and easy to understand.

What if things go wrong?

You contact us to resolve things. We handle issues so you don’t have to.

What do you actually do?

We supply hardware, airtime support for mobile, fixed line and data products.

How long will things take?

We can move as quickly as you need us to!

Are you UK based?

Yes! We do not outsource to other countries.

Any jobs going?

Let us have your C.V. and we shall see.

Do you cost more than other companies, as you offer more?

No, we’re extremely competitive and often come out cheaper than other providers. Because we offer a premium service, doesn’t mean we’re charging premium prices.

Do you handle everything?

Yes, there will be no need to talk to call centres or provide security questions again.

Can I talk to a human?

Yes, of course. We love chatting with our clients and offering phone support, call us on 01932 588774.

Do you take care of everything?

Yes, our specialist teams do all the work, you just have to sign the final paperwork.

What does the service cost?

There are no charges for receiving quotes, advice, and health checks as these are free of charge with no obligation to proceed any further. Once a contract has been agreed and signed, and the service goes live, billing will commence as per the agreed costings.

Who is in control?

Everything is your choice; you select the preferences and everything from contract length, cheapest supplier or the greenest. If there is a supplier you don’t ever want to work with, we will exclude these too.

What are your opening times?

The office is open Monday-Friday 9am-5;30pm but if you have an urgent issue, you can reach us on our mobiles out of hours.


Do I get a free phone with my contract?

All tariffs are now ‘sim only’. This keeps the monthly rental as low as possible. This means the most cost-effective route to a new phone is to purchase outright. Alternatively, there is the option to spread over 12 monthly payments at a slightly inflated rate.

Do I get charged roaming when I go abroad?

Roaming is free on O2 within the EU. Otherwise, all international roaming is chargeable, and rates vary depending on network & destination. Make sure you get in touch before you go abroad, and we can help you manage your spend.

Which tariff am I on/can I change tariff?

Tariffs can be changed at any point, but charges can apply if changes are made within the first 12 months of connection.

When can I upgrade?

In terms of getting a new phone, this can be done at any time, but it will be chargeable. Phone and line rental run independently from each other.

Do I need to live in the UK to sign up to a monthly contract?

No, but A UK bank account and billing address is preferred.

Can I keep my mobile number?

Yes. This can be done by obtaining a PAC code from your current provider which enables you to take your number with you.

How can I get a copy of my bill?

We can provide this for you. Alternatively, we can give you access to a customer portal to download this info amongst other things.

Do you have online billing?

Yes, once you’re a customer we can give you access to the online portal.

Does my mobile phone have a warranty?

Check with the manufacture for details.

Do you do mobile phone repairs?

No but we can recommend a local repair centre for all out of warranty repairs.

What’s an IMEI number?

An IMEI is the unique serial number of your handset.

How do I move my contacts list from one phone to another?

Depending on the manufacturer this can be done by using their own platform e.g., Apple iCloud and Samsung Smartswitch. We can also help with data transfer.

Do you offer mobile phone insurance?

We advise to check with your bank or home insurance.


What broadband speed can I get?

You could be able to reach up to 10Gb download speeds, depending on your location. Please contact us to find out more.

How do I check my current broadband speed?

Using the SpeedSmart internet speed checker on our website is the best way to check the actual speed of your current internet connection. Simply click ‘Start test’ in the ‘check your internet speed’ section on one of our broadband webpages, and it will give you an accurate reading for your current location.

How do I switch from another broadband provider?

When you join Netcom Solutions, the transfer is completely seamless. We take care of everything, so when we place the order on the portal, we can automatically migrate the service from your previous provider so that you don’t have to do anything. We will let you know when the activation date is and you will get confirmation from the previous provider to advise that they will no longer be providing the service. From the initial order, on average it will take 10 working days.

What is broadband?

Broadband is the transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high-speed internet connection. It’s the connection from the exchange to the property that allows the internet to work so that you download, stream and game to your heart’s content.

How long does Netcom Solution’s broadband take to activate?

Once Netcom Solutions has agreed to take over the service from a previous provider, it takes a minimum of 10 working days. If it is a new broadband connection and all the infrastructure is in place, activation can be as soon as the next day.

Can I get broadband without a phone line?

Yes, we offer data only products that allow you to use broadband without a phoneline via SOGEA (data only product).

Can I get full fibre broadband?

Yes, providing the network infrastructure is in place. Please get in touch and we can look at your exact address to advise further.

What is full fibre broadband?

Full fibre broadband delivers ultrafast broadband direct to your property. at 1Gbps, it’s up to 10 times faster than the average home broadband connection. Full fibre optic cables are run all the way from the exchange to your home/business premises which means you can enjoy uninterrupted internet without the use of any copper cables. It is often referred to as FTTP.

What is fibre broadband?

Standard fibre optic broadband is only part fibre. It uses fibre from the exchange to the cabinet (on the street) and then copper cables from the cabinet to the premises.

Can I add a second broadband connection to my home?

Yes, you can have as many broadband connections as you like. This is a popular option for anyone who would like a failover/backup broadband service.

What broadband packages are available in my area?

We can check all the options. Contact us to find out specific to your address. Please give us a ring on 01932 588774.

Can I use the modem/router I already have?

Sometimes, if we can reconfigure it and it’s deemed fit for purpose, yes. Most often we advise taking one of the professional grade routers we supply. When you sign up to Netcom Solutions broadband, we will advise on which is best for the individual project.

How fast will my broadband be?

That depends on what is available at your address. Please get in touch and we can recommend the fastest options available. Give us a ring on 01932 588774.

What’s the difference between broadband and WiFi?

Broadband is the connectivity to the property. Wi-Fi is the wireless network in your home or business, allowing all devices to connect to the internet.