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Anytime, anywhere, fast, flexible hosted telephone solutions

Access the best services from top-tier providers for exceptional hosted telephone solutions that match your needs.

Widely regarded as the future of business telephony, cloud-based, or hosted telephone solutions are extremely resilient, highly secure, and allow for hugely cost-efficient call management. We’ll find you a solution specifically designed to boost your business.

Why choose Netcom Solutions for your cloud-based telephony?

Uninterrupted service

Since hosted telephony is cloud based, you can be sure you’re always connected, even in the event of a power failure.

Flexible and scalable

If all you need is the simplest of telephone systems, then that’s what we’ll deliver. Or, we can design and implement a bespoke package if you need something more complex.

Cost efficient

Not only is there no need to maintain a costly onsite telephone system, but we can continuously select and direct calls along the routes that deliver the best rates.

Smooth transitions

With the impending ISDN switch-off, Netcom Solutions work with leading providers to ensure your switch-over goes smoothly.

Netcom Business Mobile Benefits

Trusted Partner

Our clients us to deliver what we say we’ll deliver. That means you’ll never pay for services you don’t need, and dedicated support is always there whenever you need it. Whatever hosted telephony solution you choose, we’ll facilitate and manage the entire process on your behalf and give you the peace of mind of a smooth and hassle-free transition, end-to-end.

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Hosted telephony at home

Enjoy the same anytime, anywhere, high performance telephony as the best business, but at home.

Hosted home telephony